Nutritional Info


Everything on our menu is made daily from fresh ingredients in our kitchens with minimal use of oils so you can rest assured that your food is wholesome and preservative and additive free.  Everything we offer we cook from scratch with the exception of our tortillas and tortilla chips which are produced off site.

At this time we do not have a full nutritional breakdown of our menu and are unable to provide nutritional data


Please tell our teams if you have allergies when you order. They will make sure to take extra special care of your food, including changing their gloves. We do our very best to provide safe food to you but are unable to completely remove the risk of allergen cross contamination.


All of our meats, our black beans and salsas are gluten free.   Currently we don’t offer a gluten free burrito but we do offer tacos with soft corn tortillas as well as salad boxes and rice boxes meaning a number of meal options are available to you.   Unfortunately due to the use of wheat tortillas in our stores and the environment where our tortilla chips and corn tortillas are produced we do need to highlight that there is a risk of trace of gluten in all our products.


Our meats, black beans, tortillas, guacamole and salsas are dairy free.  Our pinto beans, sour cream and cheese are the only menu options that include dairy produce.

Vegan Diet

For those following a vegan diet our vegetarian burrito, tacos, rice box or salad box are suitable for your diet.  All our salsas, guacamole, red onion and habanero pickle and black beans are suitable for customers following a vegan diet.