Where we get our ingredients

  • Our Meats
    We use a butcher local to our Bristol and Bath stores to supply meats to all our restaurants. All the meat we use is fresh, never frozen. All our pork is British and Red Tractor Assured meaning that it’s farmed in the UK and is must achieve assurance standards in terms of animal welfare, traceability, environmental impact and hygiene.

    Our Beef is all British reared, largely by our own butchers.  Any other beef we receive from them is from specially selected UK suppliers who meet the same high specifications that they set for their own herd.

    We only use breast meat for our Tinga Chicken.  Our butchers supply us with UK meat where they can but will supplement with meat from within Europe when need be. They source this meat carefully but it means that we aren’t in a position to guarantee that our Chicken is 100% British reared. All our chicken is halal.

  • Our Vegetables
    Our local grocers bring us deliveries 6 days a week to ensure that everything from our fajita veggies to the habaneros in our extra hot salsa is as fresh as possible.

  • Mexican products

    Our tomatillos, chipotle, arbol, epazote and oregano are all imported from Mexico. If you’re seeking out products drop us a line and we’ll be happy to recommend our suppliers.