Can you put away...


The new burrito eating challenge is a COLOSSAL 5LB BURRITO, loaded with THREE MEATS, RICE, BEANS, PICO DE GALLO, LETTUCE and CHEESE; smothered like only a criminal would with SOUR CREAM and SALSAS ranging from MILD to VERY HOT! Served on a bed of NACHO CHIPS!

You’ll find the culprit in all Mission Burrito restaurants! Attempt to put this notorious burrito away for £25. There’s no time limit. You just have to finish it, including every last chip! Read the rule book below! Good luck. 

THE REWARD: Finish El Criminal off and you will be rewarded with a t-shirt to wear with pride and your name & time will be added to the HEROES ROLL OF HONOUR.

Successful or not, we want to see your attempts. Tag us in your photos using @burritohq on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

#elcriminal #notoriousburrito


Rule #1: No vomiting

The challenger agrees to eat all food served & keep it down! No vomiting in or near the premises. No finito, no criminal!

Rule #2: Substitutions

The meats (chicken tinga, carnitas pork and ancho chile beef) are included. Challengers can substitute one meat for another & vegetarian options are available (that’s a lot of veggies!) Challengers are not permitted to substitute the salsas, all three (verde, chipotle & habanero) are drizzled in equal measure over the top. Don’t like hot ‘n’ spicy? This is not the challenge for you!

Rule #3: No help

Challengers must eat in the restaurant, no taking away! And, they agree to eat all food without any help from others, including Mum, Dad, Uncle Bob, Aunty Betty or a bezzie mate.

Rule #4: Timing

The timer will start when the challenger takes their first bite. There is no time limit as long as it is consumed before closing time!

Rule #5: Toilet breaks

Challengers CAN have toilet breaks during their challenge, but vomiting is forbidden. And, we will be listening outside!