Mission Burrito Opens @ Milton Park

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We are very excited to announce the opening of a new pop-up Mission Burrito at Milton Park in Oxfordshire.

Milton Park is home to Burrito HQ and has proved a popular lunch choice on the Business Park as part of the Wandering Feast in recent years.

We’ll be serving our regular £5 burritos, riceboxes and salads from a quirky new shipping container in the same location as the Wandering Feast on Park Drive Central. It’s bright red so you absolutely can’t miss us!

Mission Burrito @Milton Park is open every Thursday between 11am & 2pm. Don’t like to queue? You can pre-order your lunch by emailing this order form to order@missionburrito.co.uk by 11am and we’ll have it ready to takeaway at 12.

This exciting new project is just beginning. To stay up to date with burrito news, offers and Mission Burrito pop-up developments on the Park sign up to our newsletter. Select Milton Park as your local restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you for burritos soon!


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