Year of the Burrito: Is this the UK’s biggest burrito fan?

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When a post like this pops up on your Instagram feed you can’t help but have a sneak peak at the person behind the camera!


Luckily we did because we may have just discovered the UK’s biggest burrito fan? Meet @reckless_abandon86, aka Linnea, a petite burrito loving self confessed food fanatic with a New Year’s pledge to eat at least one burrito a week during 2017. Not only did the challenge capture our interest, we also love that her favourite burritos are Mission Burrito!

It might be that Linnea sensed the Instagram stalking or it was just coincidence that she contacted us to ask about our Man vs Burrito challenge. In week 42 of her pledge she took on the El Triple, we went along to witness her attempt and chat to her about the year of burritos so far.


Linnea told us: “some weeks I have two or three burritos, I’m hoping to hit 70 by the end of the year! People are already associating me with burritos, sending me links of new places to go and try. I’ve eaten burritos in Sweden, Amsterdam and Spain. But, Mission burrito is the godfather of all burritos! When we want a big one we come here.” Her favourite burrito is the Ancho beef or the Cochinita Pibil special, she said: “people tell me I’m going to get fat. But, you can make them really healthy so I know that’s not going to happen”.


As we sat and chatted with Linnea, she was half way through her el triple. We asked how she felt about taking on the monstrous challenge and her love for burritos “I ate a bit this morning and again for lunch to prepare my stomach for the triple. I’d say my level of love for a burrito is 10. But, right now it’s about a 2! Tomorrow when I wake up it’ll be back to a ten again!”


In Linnea’s words “I thought I’d walk the triple. But I merely stumbled through it!” A man vs burrito champ and she can now wear the t-shirt with pride! Before Linnea rolled out of the restaurant we had to ask her about the burrito tattoo she mentioned in an Instagram post “yes, I’m going to get a burrito tattoo on my foot with the number of burritos I’ve eaten at the end of the year”.  And, her reaction was very polite when we asked if it would be a dedication to her favourite burrito (lol): “I don’t know how it’s going to look yet”. Well we look forward to seeing it next year!

It’s now week #47 and burrito #62. We will be catching up with Linnea in the New Year to see if she reached her goal of 70 burritos.

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