One man’s week of burritos

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Way back in the summer Mission Burrito fan, Jonathon, entered our competition to describe the ultimate food eating challenge. Inspired by his experience of street food in Mexico City the challenge, which will be revealed later this year, is a proper ‘belly full’! Jon’s prize – free burritos for a week!

Instead of scoffing up to three burritos a day Jon asked if he could bring a mate along for lunch each day of the challenge. What a kind gesture we thought, but here’s why… “It was too hard to choose which friend to take so I ran a competition the week before where my friends competed to make me the ultimate sandwich each day. The best sandwich makers were invited for a burrito! You need to milk these sorts of opportunities. ” And, that he did… free lunch for two weeks!

Take a look at Jon’s ‘week of burritos’ photos to see who the lucky sandwich makers were!

day-1 day-2

Day 1 & 2: Good friend, Tom Edwards, used the free burrito opportunity to carb load for a marathon in Budapest on day 1. Followed by old pal, ‘Sailor’ Joel, who returned from a stormy voyage in Cornwall – Jon thought he needed some sustenance to warm his cockles.

day-3 day-4

Days 3 & 4: Jon was on a mission to cheer up his friend Evie ‘The Mexican Wrap Queen’ Dickinson after her house nearly burned down the weekend before. On day 4, Ladies that lunch – mum and daughter – were dressed to impress (in matching outfits). Little Dusty said the burrito was ‘yum’!

day-5 day-6

Day 5 & 6: A surprise (nice surprise of course!) date night with girlfriend Ally (she looks happy!) and a Sunday surprise for Jess & little Nancy. Jon was again in cheer-up mode as Jess missed out on a 7-course Michelin star meal in London because her hubby was ill!


Day 7: Jon dined alone to mourn the end of his burrito marathon!

At the end of a grueling week of burrito eating in Bristol we caught up with Jon to find out if his level of burrito love had diminished or if the love affair was still very much alive, he said: “my level of burrito love was a constant 10/10 all week, although I did ditch the burrito on the last day for nachos.”  Jon told us that he tried various combos for the first 5 days before settling on his favourite.

Jon vowed to have a week off but going cold turkey was not going to be easy. Then this happened “It’s not even half way through the week and I’m already considering chucking today’s quinoa salad lunch out the window and sneaking off for a cheeky ancho beef!” Did he have the will power to stay away?!


Total burritos consumed: 6 + Nachos Grande

Total calories: he asked us not to work this out!

Favourite burrito: regular ancho beef (no rice) with pinto beans and peppers, all the salad with extra jalapenos, guacamole, cheese and salsa verde.

Best date: date night with his girlfriend, Ally. Awwww… how sweet! (Although he had to say that as the choice of restaurant didn’t go down well! Nothing wrong with a romantic burrito date – we think!)

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