Can you put away...


The new burrito eating challenge is a COLOSSAL 5LB BURRITO, loaded with THREE MEATS, RICE, BEANS, PICO DE GALLO, LETTUCE and CHEESE; smothered like only a criminal would with SOUR CREAM and SALSAS ranging from MILD to VERY HOT! Served on a bed of NACHO CHIPS!

You’ll find the culprit in all Mission Burrito restaurants! Attempt to put this notorious burrito away for £25. There’s no time limit. You just have to finish it, including every last chip! Good luck. 

THE REWARD: Finish El Criminal off and you will be rewarded with a t-shirt to wear with pride and your will be added to the HEROES ROLL OF HONOUR.

Successful or not, we want to see your attempts. Tag us in your photos using @burritohq on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

#elcriminal #notoriousburrito