Lee Vs. Food suffers first defeat at the hands of El Criminal

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Lee Vs. Food was created after Lee conquered the El Triple in 2017.  Since then he remains undefeated… cue El Criminal!


It was the launch weekend of the new El Criminal challenge (February 2018) and Lee dropped in to Mission Burrito on Park Street, Bristol in an attempt to take the colossal 5LB burrito (with chips) down! We first caught up with Lee as his beast of a burrito was being made:

What makes you want to take the challenges on? 

I just love food. Really love burritos which is why I did El Triple.

How have you prepared?

I haven’t eaten since 4pm yesterday – when I had a big bowl of vegetables to stretch my stomach. I’ve just stuck to water today. In the middle of any challenge you do ‘hit a wall’ but I think I’ll be fine.

How many challenges have you completed up to now?

Today is number 9. I only started in October last year and have not failed one so far. I have been known to order a dessert afterwards too! Voodoo Q was the hardest so far and I am the only person to finish it!

Do you enjoy the food while you are completing the challenge?

I absolutely love food so definitely. When I did El Triple it was one of the more enjoyable challenges as the food is really good.

El Criminal is served!


And in an epic attempt Lee surrendered after 65 minutes.  Lee 8 – 1 Food. His first defeat! What happened?


How does El Criminal weigh up to other challenges you’ve done?

Obviously bigger (as I didn’t finish it) but it was a real thing of beauty. It’s size was what got me, not the flavours. I liked how it kept changing as I moved through the 3 different meats and salsas. I DID finish the nachos (that’s a small victory – isn’t it?!) but it is a real monster of a burrito.

Other than the El Triple, this is the only other burrito challenge I’ve attempted. I’ve taken on lots of burgers and curries (really hot ones!) but I love Mexican food. The spice didn’t hit me, it was the size!

What was the most difficult part? 

Just the size. The hardest part mentally is accepting I was defeated. I REALLY wanted to beat this, especially knowing that I could be the first to take this down, it was hard to walk away. I was convinced I would beat it but have completely under estimated it. Everyone has a physical limit and once you reach that, it’s not going to happen. The average human stomach can hold 2.5lbs of food, so at twice the size it will take some further training… yes that is a thing!

Any tips for future contenders?

Don’t take it lightly, its a BIG burrito. Most El Triple champions will probably think they can ace this (I did) but trust me, this is serious. You need a game plan…

  • Don’t just turn up having had a normal breakfast or lunch, you’ll need to train to a degree.
  • Stretch your stomach around 24 hours before.
  • Go in hungry.
  • Use plenty of liquids to help it down, but not too much as water fills you up too.
  • Generally you would go for proteins (meat) first but that’s harder with a burrito given the way its made.
  • Can you handle spice? If like me you have a natural tolerance to heat… then you’ll be okay!

Last words of wisdom?

Give it a go anyway – it delicious – but don’t expect to get out with a t-shirt!!

If you think you can put away the El Criminal visit your nearest Mission Burrito to take on this challenge.

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