El Criminal, our biggest, hottest burrito ever, is released!

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We have launched a new burrito eating challenge that is set to be our most notorious yet! El Criminal is a colossal 5LB burrito, loaded with three meats, rice, beans, salad & cheese; smothered like only a criminal would with sour cream and increasingly hot salsas.


The new challenge replaces El Triple which was attempted by thousands of customers since its launch in 2012.  El Criminal is almost twice the weight of the previous challenge and includes the full range of our fresh salsas from mild to very hot.  The size and escalating level of could just make this the biggest burrito challenge the UK has ever seen. 


We got customers involved in designing the new burrito eating contest last year by asking burrito fans “what would be your ultimate food challenge?”  Jon Scorer, a Communications Manager at Phase Worldwide in Bristol, won the competition and is the brains behind El Criminal. Jon explains how he came up with the challenge “My idea for the ultimate challenge was inspired by an epic sandwich I had six years ago from a street vendor in Mexico City.  It involved three different meats, melted cheese and was smothered in two HOT Mexican chilli sauces. I’ve always nostalgically dreamed about that sandwich, it gave me the idea for the El Criminal Burrito Challenge!”

He goes on to tell us how it feels to see his idea go live “It’s amusing to see the burrito concept come to life. I think it might be a little extreme for me to handle the whole thing but I’m glad many braver than me will get to take it on!”

From today customers can attempt to ‘put away’ the El Criminal in all Mission Burrito restaurants.  The challenge costs £25 and those who succeed and overcome El Criminal will receive a t-shirt and their name will be added to the Heroes Roll of Honour online.

Find out more about how you can take on El Criminal.

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